Friday, September 24, 2010

Anybody Wanna See Young Jeezy Kill George Bush?

Ey dawg, its ya boi rusty up in dis bitch. Im comin atchu wit some crazy shit today dawg.
This classic video will serve as a good first post for my third block entitled "Crazy Ass Black People"

As you will see "Solja Girl" is trying to fight an old lady, when some good ol boys try to put that bitch in place. Unfortunately what they didnt know is that she wasnt just any hoodrat from the curb... she was PRESIDENT CHARLIE. Youve seen it before, now see it again.


  1. man, only niggas would do shit like that

  2. Crazy video. I wonder what pissed her off so bad.

  3. yea for real thats what i want to know

  4. She was mentally ill and off her meds. The lady she was yelling at knew her and knew her mental history.